The Golden Eagle festival 2024

The Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia is a fascinating cultural event that showcases the ancient tradition of eagle hunting. Held annually in Bayan-Ölgii province, the festival gathers skilled Kazakh eagle hunters who demonstrate their remarkable bond with these magnificent birds of prey.

October 2024

5th of Oct. – 6th of Oct.

September 2024

17th – 18th

March 2024

Not ready yet

During the festival, eagle hunters compete in various contests that test the agility, speed, and hunting skills of both the eagles and their handlers. These include events such as eagle calling, where the hunters use specific vocalizations to summon their eagles back to their arm, as well as the eagle’s ability to snatch prey from the ground or off a horseback rider’s arm.

The festival is a vibrant display of Kazakh traditions and customs, including traditional music, dances, and colorful costumes. It also offers a unique opportunity to witness the Kazakh nomadic way of life, as participants set up traditional Gers (yurts) and engage in traditional games and activities.

Attending the Golden Eagle Festival allows visitors to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of the Kazakh community, witness awe-inspiring eagle demonstrations, and gain a deeper understanding of the ancient art of eagle hunting in Mongolia.

The Golden Eagle festival 2024

1st day of the festival:

  • Registration of Eagle Hunuters
  • Opening ceremony
  • Competition to see which eagle has been well trained by the owner. After passing the first round, the assessment of the hunters proper outfit and horse tackles.
  • Lunch break (13:00 to 14:00)
  • Continuation of the competitors.
  • Camel race
  • Uriankhai Archery competition
  • “Tenge ilu” the competition to snatch coins from the ground
  • Musical performance / at the Central Theater in Olgii/
2nd day of the festival:

  • “Shirga” competition to see , if eagles can land on the prey properly and faster
  • Lunch break (13:00 to 14:00)
  • “Kiz Kuar” Kazakh traditional game
  • “ Kokpar” tug of war with an animal skin
  • Closing ceremony of the eagle festival

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